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Use Social Media to Strengthen PR Efforts

Social media can be combined with more traditional public relations strategies to get more exposure for your business or product. Networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook all have the ability to make your PR reach more targeted and personal, and to broaden your reach to all of your audiences.

How do you best use Social Media to expand your PR reach?

  • Get to know journalists better through social media – many journalists are now more exposed than ever thanks to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. You have more opportunity to get to know the important journalists in your field than ever. They are using social media to generate story ideas and solicit information to write about, so establishing relationships with reporters help you do your PR job.
  • Listen to customers, media, competitors through social media – use what you hear about your market to target PR more carefully. Figure out what people are interested in by following conversations online, and point your stories in the direction most suited to them.
  • Expose your PR to more audiences – integrate your PR efforts through all social media channels to maximize the number of eyeballs on your news and spread the word. Announce your press release on LinkedIn (if you are a B2B business) or Twitter (for both B2B and B2C companies).

Is your business using Social Media to maximize PR reach? How?

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