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Warning: Know Thy Data Backup

Warning: Know Thy Data Backup

Think by Blytheco, LLC has teamed up with several experts in the business continuity industry to develop a blog miniseries about the importance of backing up data and enhancing your business’s continuity plans (BCP’s) and disaster recovery procedures. The series, titled ‘Back it Up’, is meant to connect you with the information and resources you need before the occurrence of data loss.

Many companies assume that their data backup plan provides them with 100% protection of their valuable files. However, if you have a large number of servers, things may be slipping through the cracks. They key is to know what you are backing up and to know what you need to back-up. They are not always the same thing. Over 140,000 hard drives crash each week in the US and most small businesses do not have a backup plan that offers full protection.

Prior to writing this article, I had just gotten out of a meeting with one of my key managers. We were talking about a long-time client and a huge backup problem that was just uncovered.

We were asked to document their current backup procedures and what we found in the process was frightening. This client had over 100 servers, but only about 30% of them were getting backed-up! In the list of servers not getting backed-up were several critical servers that receive on average roughly 1,000 vital new documents per day. In a disastrous situation, the data lost and the time to recover would be devastating.

Are you aware of exactly what data is being stored at your company? Small business or large, a data disaster can happen to you – particularly with a large number of servers. When did you last check? Are all your important accounting programs and files recoverable?

Oli Thordarson is the CEO of Alvaka Networks, a provider of network security and network management services. With over 28 years of experience, Oli is the founding chairman of the Global MSP Network and currently serves on the board of CompTIA and the Technology Leadership Political Action Committee.

Alvaka Networks is distinguished for its many industry awards, including the NASBA Top VAR Award. Alvaka Networks is headquartered in IRVINE, CA.

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