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What Does it Mean to “Own Your Day?”

What Does it Mean to “Own Your Day?”


Do you own your day, or does your day own you?

If you’re anything like me, when it comes time to head home from work at the end of your day, you want as many items checked off the day’s “To-Do” list as possible; it gives you a major sense of accomplishment.  You may even create the next day’s ‘To-Do’ list in advance, so you can avoid wasting time.

Fast forward to the next day: it’s 7:30 AM, your coffee is in hand, and you’re ready to dive into your task list.  It might look something like this:

  • 7:45am – respond to emails
  • 8:00am – call Dave P., Sally M., Jack D.
  • 8:30am – research competitive pricing
  • 9:00am – meeting
  • 10:00am – draft proposals
  • 2:00pm – meeting
  • 3:30pm – review contracts
  • 4:00pm – call vendors
  • 5:30pm – gym time!

One hour into the day and you’re in the groove, tackling each item. Everything is going great… until your co-worker peeks in to ask questions about a project you’re collaborating on. You stop, have a quick pow-wow, then you are back on track.

to-do listBut those 20 minutes cost you because now it’s almost time for your 9am meeting: you’ll have to push some tasks off till later in the day.

You make it to the conference room and slip into  a seat. But five minutes into the meeting, your list of items that must be tended to today gets exponentially longer.

There’s an escalated client situation which puts everything else on hold. On top of that, you’ve been asked to rework your portion of a project you thought was completed.  And you’re reminded of a task that fell off the plate, which that happens to be due by noon today.  Great!

Your head is swimming because you know it’s humanly impossible to complete everything by 5pm.  The once carefully planned day is now totally blown out of the water. Now What?!

It’s all about staying in control.

How often does that type of situation happen to you?

If you’re like me, more than you truly care to admit!

Sadly, it’s a scenario that plays out at companies across the country; it even happens to us in our personal lives. Probably what frustrates us the most is not so much the growing list of things to do, but the lack of control we seem to have when it comes to keeping the elements of our day operating within their prescribed boundaries.

But what if that didn’t have to be the norm?

What if we could stay mindful throughout our day and ensure that the most critical activities we need to attend to, don’t get pushed aside?  Is it possible to properly handle the business (and personal emergencies) thrown at us, while maintaining the integrity of our daily plans?

We think the answer is “yes.”  It may be a challenge, but it’s not impossible!

Here at Blytheco, it’s literally our job to help our clients implement processes and software solutions that keep their team operating at peak efficiency, so they can deliver awesome products and services to their customers. That requires us to be an effective role model.

zen employee - #ownyourdayAs a team, we’ve intentionally modeled our corporate culture around FISH! principles and Mahan Khalsa‘s philosophy. We have a firm belief in both personal and professional development, with a focus on improving productivity, knowing it will contribute to team wins.

By each of us remaining mindful of our personal productivity, we stay on track to our ultimate goal of providing world-class service, both to our customers and to each other as we work together as a team.

After all, it’s impossible to be world class without being intentional. That is what “Owning Your Day” means to us.

So how do you #OwnYourDay?

Follow us and our hashtag on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You’ll discover (and hopefully be inspired by) what we as a company – and individual team members – are doing to own our day.  Then join in the movement by sharing your own posts with the hashtag #ownyourday and show us what it means to you!

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