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What Makes a Great Employer?

During the recession, the job market was so bad that employers got lazy when it comes to recruiting and managing employees. They knew that people were desperate for jobs, and that their current staff was desperate to stay on board, so they let important human resources elements like talent management and learning management fall by the wayside. That’s no way to grow your business long-term.

It’s time for a tuneup, say Teresa Amabile and Steve Kramer in today’s Harvard Business Review blog “Checking in with Employees (Versus Checking Up).” They reference Valve Software, a company that gives employees a high degree of autonomy in choosing and executing projects. The employees thus feel a strong sense of commitment to the project goals (because they themselves made them) and a much higher level of engagement with the company.

The writers urge managers to “check in” with employees collaboratively (“What can I do to help?” or “What do you need to get this done?”) instead of “check up” on employees (“Did you finish this task?” or “How are you going to achieve that goal?”) in order to maintain that sense of autonomy while providing support. Leaders need to set clear goals for the business, and empower employees to help them meet the goals however they can, with as much independence as possible.

Your employees WANT to succeed – they just need the right tools to be able to do so. An organized approach to talent management can help develop employees’ potential by measuring performance against company goals, and helping fill in any learning gaps. Systematic talent management also helps you find the right people in the first place, minimizing risk to your business.

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