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What the Heck is Social CRM and why The Heck do We Keep on Saying “The Heck”

Just when you thought you couldn’t stand one more buzzy catchphrase, we’re throwing you one more. Social CRM is the new frontier in customer interaction, so let’s explore what it means.

Social CRM is where CRM – and by CRM I mean BOTH the Customer Relationship Management system AND the Customer Relationship Management strategy – converges with social media to provide your team with the intelligence they need to have a more meaningful and collaborative two-way dialogue with customers. It’s getting more popular and popular every day. Just look at Sugar.

Why would you want to collaborate with your customers or have meaningful dialogues with them? (Is that a real question?) Social media has turned things around for businesses. Companies no longer control the information about themselves or their products. Customers do – they learn about you from the web and from each other, by sharing opinions and ideas on social media platforms. So your best bet is to engage with them where they are, and win their love and loyalty with your own authenticity and transparency.

And they are on social media, more and more every day.

So the more you can integrate your customers’ social media habits, platforms, and content into what you already know about them, the more you can work toward that dialogue that transcends the transactional into the space of trust and loyalty that we all want and need.

To get to the point, I’m talking about CRM technology that integrates with sales intelligence so that your team has access to dynamic social information from directly within the CRM tool. But the evolution toward Social CRM is not only technological – it’s also cultural. It requires a shift in thinking from everyone in your organization.

Are you ready? Learn more about the information you need to move toward Social CRM by viewing our Slideshare presentation on “Social Selling: Don’t Cold Call – Social Call”.

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