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Who is Jeff Gregorec?

Jeff Gregorec is our new VP of Sales. Why do you care? Well besides the fact that we think he’s a pretty swell guy, he also brings over 18 years of experience with him. Gregorec was previously with Sage’s CRM division, and we are happy to acquire the knowledge he brings with him to Blytheco to serve all of our wonderful clients.

Other things you may want to know about Jeff:

He is a lover of meatloaf. Not just your regular meatloaf, he will literally take it in any form whatsoever. I once heard him say that if they made meatloaf ice cream that he would eat it (Yuck, right?). Maybe Ben and Jerry’s will make that flavor next after their marketing success, or lack of success, with Schweddy Balls.

Also, last year Jeff was in Apryl’s band that performed at Summit, Sage Tones and Wicked Heels. Jeff is the drummer in the back, keeping her singing on beat. With any luck, he will also attend again this year and play drums (maybe a little encouragement will be needed). Go Sage Summit! Who wouldn’t want to attend to see that?

He met with our sales teams this week and talked just briefly about his philosophies and I thought it might be worth sharing with you.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – in the sales environment this is very important and you just can’t have enough communication.
Selling is a process not an event – You don’t just wake up one day and sell something, you have to work at it every day to be successful.
Always have fun at what you are doing and you’ll never work another day again in your life

He also shared his Values which are LLTR:

Like – For us to work with each other we need to like each other
Learn – We should always know that we have something to learn from each other
Trust – We need to have trust in each other
Respect – We must respect each other

Who doesn’t want to work with someone like this? – I know I’m pretty excited that Jeff is on our team. If you are interested in striking up a conversation with a swell guy you can find him at JGregorec@blytheco.com.

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