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Who is using mobile technology, and why?

Who is using mobile technology, and why?

Consumers have adopted mobility en masse as a way to keep up with the flood of information they receive daily. A Pew research study from February 2012 shows that 46 percent of adult Americans own smart phones, and as of April 2012, 55% percent of those use mobile devices for access to the web. They rely on smart phones to keep up with friends, family, and businesses, and vendors are racing to create mobile applications to keep their companies at a customer’s fingertips.

About eleven percent of Pew study respondents have purchased a product using their phone. Mobile commerce is driving and responding to this demand, and the ability to make payments using only the phone will likely soon make credit cards obsolete for many consumers.

Studies show the top drivers for adoption of mobile in small to mid-sized business (SMBs) are: more work flexibility, better/faster access to information, and improved customer service.

Mobile is rapidly changing the business models revenue strategies of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), as well as their approach to interaction with customers and partners. In order to adapt to new business realities and minimize risk, SMBs in particular need to understand the implications of these changes and their impacts on strategy.

Some of the top planned and existing uses of mobile in the SMB are:

Voice services (voicemail and voice note recordings)
Contact information
Company email
Internet use
Product information including inventory tracking
GPS/location services
Social media access
Document management
Presentations (on tablets)

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