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Who Wants to Learn the Basics of SugarCRM?!?!

SugarCRM is as intuitive and easy-to-use system as you’re bound to run across when it comes to CRM. But we know that when you are starting out with a new system, or thinking about moving to a new system, change is hard, and gaining familiarity with a tool that is used throughout the organization like CRM is critical to the success of the implementation.

That’s why we’re hosting our special free series of training webinars on “Sugar Admin” – online workshops the cover the basics of what it takes to set up and configure SugarCRM for your team.

As we ease into the summer season, it’s a great time to take advantage of those workday lulls to explore new areas of learning. In our free series (open to customers or those evaluating new CRM solutions), our Sugar expert Joshua Estes will cover items such as set up, custom fields, marketing, and security – the top issues users have to deal with when setting up a new system – and he’ll be there to answer your questions.

Sure, you could do it yourself. But with a little help, you can do it better. And isn’t that the point?

Sign up here – the first session is Friday, but the series is going all summer.

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