Why Sage 50 is Costing You Money
Why Sage 50 is Costing You Money

Why Sage 50 is Costing You Money

Still holding on to Sage 50? Unfortunately, some people view software solutions much like an old car. The solution may need a lot of work, it might be missing a part and it might be slow, but at the end of the day, it gets us from point A to point B.

However, what do you do when that solution begins to fail you? What if it stops getting us from point A to point B?

Oftentimes, even though a solution has begun to cause pain we tend to look the other way. It often appears easier to make excuses, add a missing part here and there or maybe build a work-around rather than get a new vehicle altogether.

Sage 50 costsThis illusion is costing you money.

Recent studies indicate that companies may be wasting more time, money and internal resources trying to keep inefficient and dated solutions than they would be spending if they switched to something that accurately met their business challenges.

We have found that many of our clients who were on Sage 50 were spending upwards of $20,000 on inventory fixes and add-ons. Most of our Sage 50 prospects actually saved money over time by upgrading to Sage 100 and were left with a much more streamlined and efficient system by doing so. Some customers may be incredibly happy with Sage 50, and if you find yourself to be one of those customers, then great. However, many customers are out there experiencing more pain than necessary on a system they have outgrown; if that is you, it may be time to upgrade.

There are always warning signs that you have outgrown your current system. Before adding an expensive fix like MISys or Fishbowl, you should consider the alternative. Sage 100 is a natural stepping stone from Sage 50 and may solve a majority of your pains.

Stop driving the old car if you are spending too much time & money on repairs. Stop relying on inefficient solutions if your business needs are growing. Stop settling for what you know and go get what you deserve.

Customer Success Story: See how Consolidated Transmission Parts shifted from Sage 50 to Sage 100 for better traction.

Take the next step and explore your options with one of our Software Advisors.

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