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Why Twitter?

OK, the first few times you say it, you feel silly. And we’re still working out the verb forms: tweeting, twittering, twitting?

But Twitter is making an undeniable impact on our business and on many other businesses. It is changing the way we communicate with our various audiences (clients, employees, other business partners, vendors) and the rate at which communication happens. Twitter (along with other social networking tools) is leveling the playing field, allowing small businesses to market with the big guys – all in fewer than 140 characters!

Once you decide to jump in and start, here are a few pointers to help you make the most of Twitter:

  • Optimize your profile: customize your background, include your website, a targeted landing page, or a blog address, so your audience recognizes your brand and knows how to contact you.
  • Measure activity: lots of tools (such as Hootsuite, CoTweet, TweetDeck) are available to measure the clicks you are getting and leads that come from Twitter.
  • Use search to keep an eye on competitors, relevant analysts, and thought-leaders in your industry.
  • Use tweets to drive potential customers to contests, promotions, events, webinars, online content (eBooks and whitepapers) and to your blog.
  • Publish helpful and educational content to position yourself as a thought-leader.
  • Build a community around your company and engage with direct messages and retweets. Create discussions.
  • Follow those that follow you. That’s basic Twitter etiquette.
  • Use automated tools to feed to and from blogs, Facebook, or your website to streamline your posting process.

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