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Yardney Water Filtration – A bly:Optimize Success Story

Riverside California’s Yardney Water Filtration Systems operates a state of the art 60,000 square foot research, design, and manufacturing facility. They are a pioneer in the development of clean water solutions and since 1965 they have provided high-quality, cost effective products becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers of water filtration equipment for industrial and agricultural applications.

Chris Phillips, Yardney Vice President and General Manger, approached Blytheco with a feeling that they were not getting the full use out of their Sage 100 ERP business system. In fact, he feared they may be doing things backwards, since some of their processes had not changed in many years. With a planned manufacturing facility expansion on the horizon, Chris did not want the new facility coming on line with the same flawed processes of the current one. So, armed with a hunch, Chris arranged for a Blytheco process optimization (bly:Optimize) headed up by veteran Blytheco consultant Debbie Long.

The Blytheco consultant (Debbie) interviewed no less than 13 key personnel within the organization from executives to shop floor employees. She observed the interactions of the different teams and how they used their business system. Debbie confirmed some of Chris’s suspicions. Yardney was only using 15% of their business system, if that. They were driving in the slow lane with a high-performance sports car. There were severe lags in getting useful data, they could not trust their inventory levels due to the way they were pulling stock and tracking labor costs was nearly impossible during the manufacturing process.

Based on her interviews and assessment of Yardney’s processes and needs, Debbie produced a bly:Optimize “Summary of Findings” report and presented it to

Chris and his team. The report highlighted the interviews with the team members separated by job function for ease of reading and comprehension. At the end of the report were ‘Recommended Next Steps’ categorized into short term, mid-term and long term goals and the concrete steps needed to achieve them.

After just a few short months, Yardney was already seeing a return on their investment on not only the bly:Optimize they had performed, but also on their Sage 100 ERP system. “It is refreshing to be able to see live data.” Chris later told us. “Prior to the bly:Optimize, the data we were working with was potentially 2 months old!” Chris feels they have gained in the use of their Sage 100 system and are up to 40% system utilization and climbing as they work with Debbie to implement her recommended next steps.

Not only has system utilization been increased, but their inventory is now 75% more accurate with the implementation of bar code scanning software and equipment. Manufacturing labor costs have now been standardized and are being tracked accurately and efficiently. New custom reports are helping Chris and his teams see in ‘real-time’ Key Performance Indicators on a daily basis and the company financials are being produced in a timely manner. Overall, the responsiveness of the system due to the change in processes has increased substantially.

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” Chris explains, “It is great to have someone like Debbie from Blytheco come out, look at how you are doing things, help you see what you are not seeing and recommend ways to leverage your current system to help make your teams and organization run smoother.”

“Blytheco is unique in that their experts know so much about the business end as well as the system. When they applied this knowledge in the bly:Optimize, it really helped uncover some road blocks in our system and processes, and I would highly recommend bly:Optimize to any business that wants to run more efficiently and more profitably.”

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