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Your Social Network and CRM System on Steroids

Your Social Network and CRM System on Steroids

As business owners and as sales people, one of the best tools you have these days is your social network. Keeping on top of your social network and what is happening with your relationships is a time-intensive activity, not to mention that if you have done well building your network it is nearly impossible to keep up personally with thousands of contacts.

You want the connections you’ve made to be fruitful and in order to do that you have to have impeccable timing or start using some sort of sixth sense as a guide. What if there is a better way? There are plenty of tools available to help you, but which one will not only give you the best bang for your buck, but actually help you get ahead in business?

We have taken a look at many of the tools out there and discovered that in order for a tool like this to work it need a few things:

1) A way to bring in data from your existing networks that you have developed

2) A way to tie into your CRM system

3) A way to utilize the networks of people you now

4) A way to aggregate triggers to alert you when something important is happening soon and indicates a reach-out.

So what kind of tool will help you do all of this and more? We found a product, InsideView, which, just like its name gives you and insiders a deeper look into what is happening in your network, while also aggregating important business triggers so you can make the most of your time and your network.

For more information on how this tool works check out this white paper, Socialprise, leveraging the social network for the enterprise.

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